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Funding Schemes

Living independently is about having choice and control over your life and Direct Payments can help by giving you the choice to arrange and pay for your own care rather than let your local authority do this for you.

Direct Payments

Direct Payments are a different, more flexible, way of delivering social care services. You can choose to become an employer and directly hire a carer to work for you, however you will be responsible for their care as an employee. That means taking care of PAYE and National Insurance payments along with arranging holiday cover and the legalities of employment law.


Organisations such as the Penderels Trust can help with this.

However many individuals who use Direct Payments use the service of independent agencies such as ourselves, removing the need for the individual to directly employ someone.


At Premier Care Plus we pride ourselves on being experts in this field.

You can decide how to spend the money you receive and arrange for care provision that best suits your lifestyle. If you have a social worker or care manager then contact them. If not please call us and we can give advice on how to proceed.

Flexible Care

This is where you are able to ask at short notice for a break, in order for you to attend an appointment, an event or an activity.


If could also be for a “one off” activity or need, such as moving house or going to a wedding. Flexible breaks may mean provision of care in your own home or it may mean the person you care for attending a suitable facility.

To access the service you would need to meet the following criteria;

• You must have had a Carer Needs Assessment completed in the last 12 months

• Care for a person living in Flintshire

• Care for over 35 hours per week or be entitled to carers allowance

• The person you care for would struggle to look after their own well-being without your support

• The person you are caring for has a long term condition

For further information please contact either NEWCIS – 01352 752525 or Premier Care Plus on 01352758444

Woman helping an elderly man with shopping
Bridging the gap (NEWCIS)

(North East Wales Carers Information Service)

This service is to support carers who may require flexible support such as a break or respite care.

There is emergency/contingency care and flexible care.

Comforting Hands
Emergency/contingency care

You may need this support if you have an unexpected event or incident occur that prevent you being able to care, such as having the flu, a family crisis or a sudden death in the family.

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